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Van Hunks Burger Special

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Burger Special @ Van Hunks every Sunday Location📍: Kloof Street, opposite Checkers Supermarket!

Rating 👍👎:

Very relaxed atmosphere, covered by a shady spot underneath the grapevines. Not to busy for lunch time and the kids are happy (very important when you choose a restaurant for the whole family)!

Waiter was very friendly and the food arrived 25 min after we ordered. Our selection, 2 times beef burger, one with extra cheese and Guacamole and two times chicken burger, again one with extra cheese and guacamole!

2 burger for the price of 1 with chips and onion rings! R100, Not to bad !

The Burger was delicious (for me very important is the mouth size. So you can basically bite into the burger without having the toppings fall out and you ending up with a burger salad on you plate. You know what I’m talking about?!) , chips you can work with and the onion rings are a difficult topic ;-)

Bonus Point : It was fairly reasonably priced considering that we had two friends joining us for drinks!

Price 💰: We paid R640 (40€) inkl. Tip for 4 Burgers, 2 Glasses of Rose, 2 Beers, 2 x double gin & tonic, big bottle of sparkling water, 1 grapetizer & 1 appletizer ( because they don’t sell CapeApple and CapeBerry )

Have you been to Van Hunks for food and drinks? What do you think? 👍👎?

From my side they get a thumbs up 👍!

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