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Throw Back Thursday - My very first trip to the Fish River Canyon and Sossusvlei in Namibia 2008!

It’s, one year ago when I arrived in South Africa. The first two years I worked for a Safari Jeep Rental Company, Africamper! By the way! Best 4x4 Camper Company if you want to experience Southern Africa on a Self-Drive Trip! FREE ADVERTISMEND

I had to bring one Car up from Cape Town to Windhoek as clients dropped the car off in CT and new clients booked the car from Windhoek. My boss was joining me and he had the idea to take a little surprised detour.

We took the N7 from Cape Town, all the way North. Driving through Citrusdal, passing the Cederberg on the right, Clanwilliam and the last bigger City/Village Springbok before reaching the Border Post Vioolsdrift.

Road to Namibia

Borders in Africa are always fun or not! They can keep you waiting and sometimes ask you all kinds of different question and if the border police has a good day they will ask you to unpack your hole vehicle just because the board 😉 And if you super lucky you can do the procedure on the South African Border and at the Namibian Border. Usually the Namibians are way more relaxed 😎

After revealing all our belongings and explaining the Defender including roof top Tent and camping equipment, we are good to go and in Namibia.

Quick stop at the Patrol Station after the border post as Patrol was cheaper in Namibia that time. Filling up our two patrol Tanks, 160 litre take some time and I could take below picture of the Defender.

A short drive and we reached our destination for the night. It took us approx. 10 hours from Cape Town to Grootplaas!

The next Morning, we are straight on gravel road, direction Fish River Canyon. What a bumpy ride, max speed 80 kmh.

Namibia’s Highways are all tar roads but as soon as you leave the highway it’s gravel and sand roads. A 4x4 vehicle is a big Plus!

Arrived at the Fish River Canyon, it’s the second biggest Canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon!

Let me tell you, this Canyon is huge and soooo impressive! Unbelievable! All off the sudden you feel very small. Even the big Landy looks like a toy car!

I’m speechless! Wow! Just amazing! And we are the only ones at the viewing point. I can’t believe my luck and I’m super happy! Tick of the Bucket List. At this Time I didn’t even had a bucket list 😅

After taking all the pictures and just enjoying the scenery for some time we off - direction Sossusvlei. I can just recommend all of you were ever you are, put the Camera aside for a moment and just enjoy the moment. No one can take this from you for the rest of your life!

After endless of gravel and sand road, some Ostrich and Springboks, dead animals on the fence we arrived at the Sossusvlei camp late afternoon. Just enough time for a small Braai and a good glass of Brandy. For the next morning we planned to be on the dunes before sunrise as the sunrise supposed to be very spectacular.

The sunrise just about to happen we reach the bottom of the dunes. Walking up a dune is very frustrating because every step you make, half a step you sink back in the sand. It’s takes forever and I was really in a hurry to get up so when I reached the top I was very close to express my feelings and present the breakfast the other way around but I didn’t and as I got my-self together the sun came up on the horizon and I was the happiest man in Africa!

22 years old, on top of one of highest dunes in the World! Incredible feeling and I’m getting Goosebumps while I’m writing these lines.

Just sitting on the dune, not a single noise, totally peaceful, watching the sunrise! Brilliant!

Down the dune is way more fun and much faster then up! I probably jumped 10 meters per jump.

Carl Lewis would have been proud of me. Just in time back at the car cause in the meantime lots of tourists had arrived and we set of to our destination Windhoek!

My little Throwback Thursday Detour. I hope you enjoyed reading and the pictures.

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