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Light lunch at The Village Hub

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Two information upfront, I have been many times to the Hub and I decided to write a review about my experience on this specific visit but this time it was... but read for yourself.

We arrived at 12 noon, 3 guests and myself. We walked into the Hub and it’s a combination of Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Supermarket, Surf Shop, Bicycle Shop, Bakery, Ice Cream Shop...

I probably forgot something...

So a bit of everything and the products they have from fresh vegetables, organic stuff like

Nuts, Müsli, almond milk, quality bread, Coffee to Surf and Bicycle equipment are all good quality as far as I can judge.

I like the Hub and the Hub likes money. So all the products you’ll find are not the cheapest. For Europeans with Euro, Dollar or Pound (only until the Brexit) still fair prices! For average South Africans different level...

Breakdown of the cost at a later stage.

Why I choose the restaurant?

It’s on my Route doing the Cape of Good Hope Tour. Very simple.

The Hub is in Scarborough, at least one hour drive away from Cape Town on your way to the Cape of Good Hope National Park. The most south western Tip of the African continent.

So it wouldn’t really make sense to drive all the way from Cape Town just for lunch. The Hub is good but not soooo good!

We ordered our drinks and food with our very friendly waitress.

2 glasses of wine, Rosé & Sauvignon Blanc, Bottle of Sparkling Water and a fresh Wicked Kick Start Juice ( Ginger, Beetroot and some other red fruits/vegetables), Food: two times Moroccan Chicken wrap, Falafel Pita and. Vegetarian Quiche!

The drinks came quickly but we waited over an hour for our food. The hole in my stomach got bigger and bigger from minute to minute.

Around 1 pm the friendly waitress came and explained to us that the printer in the kitchen stopped working so they didn’t receive a single food order. My stomach hole got by now the size of the Kimberley hole.

She said i must look around. Non of the guest has food. I thought to myself this is not a good sign and explained that we are very hungry and the kitchen should change from South African mood into German mood. I mean if you work in the kitchen, you should notice that the restaurant is full and if no food order comes in you should check after 20-30 min if you only have the "South African Topmodel“ crew eating and the restaurant what would explain that their is no food orders coming in or something else is going on...

To my guests i just said TIA ( This is Africa).

After another 20 minutes of waiting the friendly waitress came again and said that our food is almost ready. Just one small problem. The vegetarian Quiche my guest ordered is out of stock and they only have the other two, meet or fish. Are you for real??? My guest looked at the waitress and didn’t really know what to say. You ever seen a German perplex? This was it!

My guest went in to German mood, decided quickly and went for the fish Quiche. Why do they only noticed now that the vegetarian Quiche is not available? Questions over questions.???

All our food arrived 5 min later and it was delicious. The Moroccan Wrap was very close to Marrakesh and the Falafel Pita as far as I can believe my clients also fantastic.

Just the Quiche had a bit of a salty aftertaste if you know what I mean.

The total price including Tip was R640, we only tipped exact 10% cause we waited to long for our food....

I’ll be back at the Hub for sure and hopefully next time the kitchen printer is working. If you in the area it’s totally worth stopping at the Hub and even if it just for coffee!


























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